Foundation problems

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Failing foundation repair in Cleveland, Ohio

cracking wallAll homes and structures in the Cleveland, OH region, no matter how old or new, can experience common foundation problems.

Regardless of where you reside in northeast Ohio, your basement can be affected by drastic changes in weather and poor soil conditions around your home. If the ground back fill or site preparation wasn’t up to par when your residence was built, your home may experience structural issues.

Our professional foundation contractors are here to deliver long-term, warrantied repairs and remedies at affordable costs. We are fully licensed, insured and experienced.

In times of extreme precipitation, the ground can become water logged and unstable. In this condition, the soil may not be able to support the weight and mass of your house. Additionally, trees growing close your home may result in protruding roots that alter your foundation’s structure.

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Warning signs of basement structural issues

We suggest regularly monitoring the condition of your foundation walls and floors … especially in older homes and structures. When inspecting your basement and house, look for these signs of a failing foundation:

  • Cracked brick
  • Tilted chimney
  • Cracks in drywall
  • Jammed windows and doors
  • Baseboard and floor separation
  • Sagging, uneven floors
  • Sinking of one or more sides of the home
  • Water damage
  • Uneven floors on the first level
  • Water stains on basement walls or stored boxes
  • Musty and moldy smells
  • Unexplained health problems
  • Termites or other pests evident in basement or crawl space
  • Standing water around the home’s exterior

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