Basement Inspections

Fully licensed and insured foundation and basement repair experts in northeast Ohio

Foundation inspections in Cleveland, OH

When you contact us about a foundation problem at your home or place of business, make sure to ask about our free basement and crawl space inspections.

While some instances of foundation damage are obvious to the naked eye, others might not be. In some cases, minor cracking in a basement wall might be natural and no work is needed.

Foundation problems can be costly and dangerous. Our thorough inspections give you peace of mind.

Our Cleveland, OH foundation contractors deliver the following with our honest inspections.

  • Thorough examination of the interior and exterior of the structure, where are experts look for sagging and sinking floors, window and wall cracks, bowing, and uneven land, and poor soil surrounding the basement.
  • We carefully explain the problem and offer solutions (if repairs are necessary) so you can make an informed repair decision.
  • We provide a cost estimate with a detailed plan of action.

Call us today to schedule your inspection with Cleveland Foundation Repair Pros in northeast Ohio.

Signs your foundation may need repair

Think your foundation is failing? Pay attention to the signs below. While they might not be clear indicators of damage, it’s a good starting point to determine if a professional is needed to inspect the foundation:

  • Chipping or cracking concrete
  • Leaning basement walls
  • Gaps at the bottoms and tops of walls
  • Damaged or cracked drywall
  • Windows and doors that jam
  • Bouncy flooring
  • Uneven or sagging floors
  • Popped out nails
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Basement leaks
  • Tipping chimney
  • Gapping around chimney
  • Misaligned doors and windows
  • Misplaced moldings
  • Windows out of square

Most foundation issues are caused by soil pressure. Soil contracts and expands due to moisture exposure, dryness and changes in weather. Some soil is naturally poor while improper grading of land may lead to problems and pressure that basement walls cannot withstand.

Expert Ohio basement contractors

Our licensed and insured engineers, foreman and contractors work together to fix cracking and bowing walls, sinking, settling, and shifting foundations, and damage to masonry (chimneys, porches, walkways, stairways, etc.).

Since no two foundations are alike, we offer customized repair solutions that fit your specific problem and budget. We use modern repair methods and cutting edge equipment to deliver long-term warrantied repairs and stabilization.

For a permanent solution to your home or commercial foundation problem, contact us today for expert service in Cleveland, Parma, Willoughby, Painesville, Lorain and beyond.